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We teach you to craft a great relationship with your dog using humane and force-free training techniques. Proven effective teaching methods address YOUR learning style so we set both the canine and human up for maximum success. All of this with some of Seattle's most experienced, certified dog training instructors motivate you to get ready for a GREAT experience! 

We offer a variety of educational opportunities to fit your needs.  We have private lessons held at our facility, group classes and a Puppy Prep series

Golden Retriever


Small groups mean BIG results!

We utilize respected learning theory that addresses both human and canine learners! Our Canine Educators understand how both you and your dog learn. We understand that different dogs have varied motivation. We know that some dog training class participants are new to the joy of learning with their dog, and others are seasoned dog owner-trainers who are seeking to add to their extensive knowledge base.  Classes and are designed to be fun AND cognitively stimulating for everyone. With small classes, we provide plenty of time for demonstration, practice and discussion. We vary our teaching activities to include games and problem-solving procedures. We focus on training humans and their canine family members how to effectively communicate with one another and the results are happy people and dogs who leave each class with new skills. Families may all attend dog training class, but small children must be supervised to maximize safety and learning for all.

Taking the dog for a walk


@ Great Dog, $83 per session

You and your instructor will build a learning program just for you and your dog complete with in- lesson learning activities and resource materials for take-home learning. You determine your focus on the specific skill or behavior you seek to learn or modify. Your dog trainer will use cutting-edge humane methods that get results. What you learn is remembered when it is rewarded…both you and your dog will get tangible rewards from this highly personalized series of three 50 minute sessions that are scheduled at your request per your time frame. Set up your series to be completed for three days in a row, once a week, once a month or more. You select the time and arrange it with your instructor.  The minimum commitment is 3 sessions for a $249 package price.

Beagle Puppy


Plenty of Love and Attention, $25 per session

Our popular Puppy Prep is Pre-K dog training for baby dogs!  A two hour session to get your new buddy a paw up on socialization, stimulation and the foundational skills to grow into a Great Dog!  Puppy Prep helps prevent stranger aggression, stimulus reactivity and separation anxiety all while making new fido friends and exhausting some of the puppy party energy.  A great dog training class for pups under 6 months!

Smart Dog


Zoom Private Lessons, $50 per session

Many of your dog’s basic manners, behavioral challenges and even enrichment needs can be successfully taught via a well-designed online Zoom session. Join certified trainer, co-owner of Great Dog Judi Anderson-Wright in designing your specific plan and then commit to three one-hour sessions scheduled for your convenience. All sessions are live on Zoom but are also recorded so you can review them at any time.



Tel. 206.526.1101

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11333 Roosevelt Way NE 
Seattle, WA 98125



Monday - Friday 7:00 - 7:00

Saturday 10:00 - 5:00

Sunday Closed 




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