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Dogs and people learn skills and relationship thru games and focused learning



All dogs have an amazing sense of smell. Find out how truly amazing your dog’s nose is. Investigate how to provide enrichment activities for dogs of all ages, abilities and breeds. This is a great way for dogs who are aging, coming off an injury or simply needed more stimulation to work in partnership with their human companion. Learn about snuffle mats, treasure boxes and where to find competitive training options.  

Animal Rescue and Care


Learn how to teach your puppies and dogs interesting and motivating basic tricks and how to identify different shapes and toys. This is a great class to build relationships, listening and comprehensive skills.  Appropriate for any non-reactive dog over 6 months; must be dog friendly.



Terriers are well-known for being tenacious and smart. If you share your life with one you can benefit from understanding what motivates a terrier. Learn ways to help you enjoy your terrier companion. Learn about activities that terriers love and resources for having the best mannered and happiest terrier possible. Taught by Judi, our resident terrier expert who swears she was raised by terriers!

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Great Fun for adult dogs over 18 months of age!
Learn the basics of dog agility, engage in team work along side your canine best friend!  By linking obstacles together like jumps, tunnels, weave poles, wobble boards and pause tables, you can strengthen your relationship with your dog, gain confidence -- and work on his listening skills!  This is not a competition class, but a fun alternative that you can learn to do at home with your dog!  

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This class focuses on helping dogs with reactivity on leash or other adverse behaviors that are a result of over stimulation, lack of confidence, and  This 5 week, 90 minute class lays the foundation for working with your dog positively and safely in a dog rich environment.  Small classes and two certified instructors help owners learn the tools and practice skills in a safe environment.  Owners and Dogs learn desensitization techniques and counter-conditioning methods to teach dogs that situations that were once anxiety-provoking are now paired with positive things like treats or a favorite toy.  



A complimentary one-hour class for current Great Dog daycare and overnight care clients. We will help you understand why dogs bark & share ideas for working with your dog who is prone to excessive barking. This is important to you and us too, as we hope to maintain a peaceful setting for the dogs in our care and our neighborhood. We will be sending invitations to you if we have been working with your dog’s barking while with us. Dogs bark for many reasons so come learn all about barking and how to solve this challenging situation. Taught by Judi, our co-owner and certified professional dog trainer, so get ready to have some fun while learning!

**NEW** Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

New! Finished Basic and Beyond Basics? Join our Canine Good Citizen (CGC)Title class.

The CGC title is a prerequisite for many therapy dog certifications, as well as a great introduction to more advanced dog sports. Many rental property owners accept the CGC as a good indication of a dog who is well-behaved. Insurance companies will give discounts to you as a dog owner who is committed to teaching you and your dog how to act appropriately in our community. Taught by Leslie Csokasy, our founding owner, CGC Evaluator and Senior Canine Educator this is a great way to have fun and enjoy a new accomplishment with your dog! For more information on the CGC  visit and watch the short video

Cost $225 plus CGC evaluation test fee when you sign up for your evaluation. 

Couple with Dogs


It's easy to do!  Sign up in our Online Portal and become a Great Dog!

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