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Training Tune Ups

Wish you had time to fine tune or teach a skill to your dog?  There are so many enjoyable things to do with your great dog it can be hard sometimes to carve out time to work on the basic skills.  And dogs are just like us, practice makes perfect! 


You can add on a 15-20 minute training tune-up to any of your dog's daycare or overnight stays.  The more they work on it, the more solid your dog will get.   Training Tune ups are for small life skills or to reinforce things your pooch already knows.  Some skills take a short series of training tune ups to build the requested skills.  Here are some examples of Training Tune Ups we offer.  Log into our portal to add a training tune up (under training) to your dog's reservation! $27.50 per session

Request Add On

Log onto the Portal & request a Training Tune Up under " Grooming & Training" then click on "Private Training" or Fill Out this Submission To Add On a Training Tune Up!

Thanks for submitting!
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