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Led by Judi, our Director of Canine Education and Certified Professional Dog Trainer, we now offer  innovative options for enriching your dog’s life experiences.  These activities combine physical activity with cognitive skills and designed to enhance, shape, and teach dog’s learning experiences.  Science has shown that mental stimulation combined with physical activities helps dogs live more fulfilling and well rounded lives.  Each day we will have a new enrichment option for all daycare dogs to add on to their day.  You will get to choose which activity your dog will participate.  Maybe one day it’s the ball pit and workshopping some nose games.  The next week your dog masters puzzle work and puts on some agility moves.  All enrichment activities are supervised by our staff and designed to increase both physical and cognitive skills for every dog of every age and skill level at Great Dog.


Your puppy or dog is eager to learn new ways to enjoy being canines. Tailored to your dogs age, size and interests our dedicated Canine Educators have created so many unique opportunities that your canine family member will want to do them all over and over again!


Communication Buttons: A new way to communicate with dogs using Fluent Pet©®™ Your dog can learn to share their thoughts and wishes by using buttons. We will help your dog learn how to use the buttons and have great fun with you as you share a true conversation.

Mind Games: Explore the fun of games, puzzles and interactive toys. Let your dog go for the timed record for working a puzzle or maneuvering a maze made for exploring.  Dog activities also may include learning to recognize & distinguish shapes and colors.  

Movement and Action Games: Get a cardio workout with an interactive “flirt pole” that encourages safe high energy pursuit skills while also working on self-control. Use the bosom balls and teeter boards for balance development. Develop doggie “Hide and Seek” skills.

Nose Games: Instructors will set up easy scent games and teach your dog’s how to locate and indicate the scents and objects they will sniff out. Every dog loves to use their most powerful sense: their sense of smell. This session we will hide scented items for your dog to find in the training environment. Big fun guaranteed!

Movement Games: Take a mini agility course with jumps, tunnels, weave and teeter totter in a warm and dry environment. This is NOT a full-size agility course, instead it is a sample of equipment that offers some fun exercise and cognitive outlets for your dog. Your dog will leave feeling like a Ninja Warrior!

Dream Day Games: Water play, bobbing for treats, chasing bubbles that smell and taste like bacon! Jump into our Great Dog all safe and sanitary “Junk Yard” all created by clean recycled items stack up with lots of fun items to find in the junk! If its really hot check we will offer ice play too!  Monthly paw painting is chance to get dirty (with watercolor, safe) paint and seek out their inner mastir-paw-ce!

Ball Games:  Giant ball pushing simulates doggie soccer/faux treiball. Or help your dog learn to fetch and return for the first time!

Relaxation and Recuperating Time: We can provide massage, Tellington Touch and crate games too for dogs who may need a quieter session, especially for one who is battling illness or an injury. Just seeing the friendly Great Dog staff and getting some special attention can be a very enriching experience for a dog under stress or who is in discomfort.

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Pricing: Add on a monthly package to any daycare or boarding reservation.

Per Month
$60.50 for 4 enrichments 
$88 for 6 enrichments

$112 for 8 enrichments

Must be established daycare or boarding client
All credits must be used within 30 days & are in addition to daycare and boarding rates.

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