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Walking with Dogs


Our most popular training option! You and your instructor will build a learning program just for you and your dog complete with in- lesson learning activities and resource materials for take-home learning. You determine your focus on the specific skill or behavior you seek to learn or modify. Your instructor uses cutting-edge humane methods that get results. What you learn is remembered when it is rewarded…both you and your dog will get tangible rewards from this highly personalized series of three 50-minute sessions that are scheduled at your request per your time frame. Set up your series to be completed for three days in a row, once a week, once a month, every other week or more. You select the time and arrange it with your instructor.  $83 per session, $249 for 3 custom sessions.  Sign up today for an initial 30-minute Meet N Greet ($40) to talk about your dog's behavior challenges, set up your goals, and establish a learning plan.

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from your home to ours

Many of your dog’s basic manners, behavioral challenges, separation anxiety and even enrichment needs can be successfully taught via a well-designed online Zoom session. Join our certified instructors in designing your specific plan and then attend three one-hour sessions scheduled for your convenience. All sessions are live on Zoom but are also recorded so you can review them at any time.

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