Effective 8-12-2020 All dogs entering Great Dog for training MUST show proof of current vaccinations. It is especially important all puppies have completed two round of Parvovirus vaccinations. Other required vaccinations include Rabies (unless a puppy is less than 6 months of age) DAPP or DHPP and Bordetella. You should provide us with a copy of your puppy or dog’s vaccination record prior to your first lesson or class. Vaccinations can be faxed to 206-440-3345 or emailed to vaccinations@gogreatdog.com. You may call your veterinarian and ask them to sent this information to us directly, which most vets are happy to do for their clients. Please add “ATTENTION CANINE EDUCATION” to your email or fax. This policy is for the safety of your canine companion and all our canine clients.

Puppy Camp - Fall Session 

Morning session 10:00am-11:30am is for puppies aged 8 weeks - 5 months and/or less than 12 pounds

Afternoon session 1:00-2:30pm is for puppies 6 months - 9 months 13 pounds and up


Not a typical puppy playtime or kindergarten, this three-session experience is the perfect solution for puppies raised during the COVID19 quarantine. Experienced professional instructors with puppy expertise will teach your puppy social skills and dog-to-dog communication, bite inhibition and the beginnings of impulse-control. Using the deep knowledge base of puppy behavior these talented instructors will provide your puppy with a fun and safe 1.5 hour supervised experience while you have the opportunity to run some errands, check out our retail store (where you will receive a 15% discount on your first day of Puppy Summer Camp!), or sip your favorite coffee beverage on the deck at Bark! Espresso and Café with a Puppy Parent Discount.


This camp will meet for three consecutive weeks: October 10, 17 and 24


To ensure the best experience for the puppies we will create groups of 6 puppies to be checked in directly in our training annex. Instructors will take your puppy to class and work with them over the 1.5 hour class while you enjoy your personal time.


Not sure this is the right choice? Send an email request directly to Judi Anderson-Wright at judi@gogreatdog.com.