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Great Dog is Working on a Green and Sustainable future!

Sustainability is one of our core values at Great Dog. We pride ourselves on going green wherever we can and always looking for ways to reduce our energy use and one-use products. Afterall, Great Dogs of today and future deserve a happy earth to explore!

Dog Outdoors

Clean ­­­­AND Green facilities!

Cleaning products we use at Great Dog ensures dogs have the cleanest play spaces without damaging the environment. Our main disinfectant, Rescue® potently destroys pathogens and breaks down to completely ecologically safe compounds afterwards.

Many of our building projects and spaces are created with locally salvaged materials and our playspace floors are padded with recycled rubber matting.

Our bathing products are all natural, biodegradable and non-toxic with no unnecessary additives or thickeners. 


Minimizing Energy Use

Our playrooms use energy efficient LED lighting that use 20 times less electricity than regular bulbs. We end every day by making sure lights and electronics in our office and retail spaces are turned off to ensure we use only the necessary amount of resources.  Many of our spaces have skylights and garage doors that allows for natural light and fresh air!

Garbage Recycling

Recycling – Great Dog Style!

We’ve developed enrichment activities for dogs that utilizes bottles and packaging materials to engage them cognitively. We reduce our environmental impact and create fun for dogs at the same time!

We also take second life bedding, towels, leashes and collars to use in our dog care.  

dog food

Partnering with Brands that Care

We want to support brands that care about nature as much as we do. We carefully choose the brands we carry with sustainability in mind.

Nature's Logic 

Steve's Real Food

Skout's Honor

Northwest Naturals

Weuva Pet Foods

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