Canines 1 to 200 years old

Group Classes

We utilize respected learning theory that addresses both human and canine learners! Our Canine Educators understand how both you and your dog learn. We understand that different dogs have varied motivation. We know that some class participants are new to the joy of learning with their dog, and others are seasoned dog enthusiasts who are seeking to add to their extensive knowledge base.  Classes and are designed to be fun AND cognitively stimulating for everyone. With small classes, we provide plenty of time for demonstration, practice and discussion. We vary our teaching activities to include games and problem-solving procedures. We focus on teaching humans and their canine family members how to effectively communicate with one another and the results are happy people and dogs who leave each class with new skills. 


JT in class.jpg

This class lays the foundation work for a positive and interactive future relationship with your canine pal. It also can serve as a refresher course for dogs needing a little touch up work. Learn how to motivate your dog to sit, down, watch you, walk on a loose leash, go to a bed, stay, wait and recall to you! Your dog will love this positive approach to training and you will be overjoyed with the relationship you develop with your dog. This class is best followed with Advanced Basic or focus workshops such as Walk This Way and Recall Rodeo.  Basic classes are typically held on Sundays. 4 weeks, $195



Continue on and perfect the manner skills your dog just learned in the Basics class!  Proofing, adding distractions (Squirrel!), gaining duration, and sharpening timing.   Your dog will continue to excel each session, you will become a solid dog trainer as you gain more communication skills and understanding of the canine brain!  Typically we will meet once a week for four weeks, $195



Recall Rodeo- If your dog won’t come to you when called, then round him up and join us for a Recall Rodeo Workshop.  your dogs will be eager to get the chance to work on recall skills as they participate in learning activities to motivate a perfect recall! Using jumps, tunnels, chasing objects and finding hidden objects and people you and your dog will enjoy working on your recall skills. This class is great for dogs of all ages and sizes. Puppies, adolescent, adult and senior dogs will be able to participate successfully Four weeks, 50 minutes $195


Akita on a Leash

For many folks sharing their lives with dogs, walking is the most common source of exercise and stimulation in their dog’s life. And yet, comfortable, connected and cooperative loose-leash walking can be a rather complex and often challenging activity to master for both you and your dog. Pulling? Balking?  The world is full of exciting distractions and curious attractions, tempting your dog to investigate or to react in a doggy fashion that may not be compatible with his human’s vision of the perfect walk. You will learn how to turn loose-leash walking struggles into strengths, developing skills and concepts that boost your relationship as you transform walking the dog into walking WITH – Walking in (Total) Harmony!  four weeks, 50 minutes $195