4 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Dog

New Year’s is the time we make resolutions, to get healthy, lose a few pounds, whatever it may be. How about this year you make a few for your dog? Here are a some ideas to help make your dog happier and healthier!

1. Get to a Healthy Weight. A lot of dogs these days are overweight, if you are unsure if your dog is, a good way to tell is you should be able to feel your dog’s ribs but not see them. Find out if your dog is eating the right food for their age/size/activity level, research the correct amounts and measure their food for every meal - even if it means counting kibbles! Cut out any table scraps and minimize their treat intake - don’t forget to make sure their treats are a healthy option! A healthy weight can extend the life of your dog and cut down on weight related diseases or health problems. Talk to our shoppe staff and see if they can help you find the right food and amount for your pet.

2. Teach Your Dog a New Trick. Trick training can teach creativity and problem-solving along with instilling stronger attention to you and your guidance. It gives your dog new skills and abilities that you can use to give your pet jobs that release mental energy. Mental stimulation is great for your pup! Teaching new skills can help strengthen your bond and lets them focus their energy on something positive. Tricks can also instill confidence in your dog, not to mention, everyone enjoys a well behaved and smart pooch. Try a new class, brush up on the basics, try interactive dog toys (problem solving games can wear off far more energy in a shorter amount of time than physical exercise!), or even work toward becoming a therapy pet team!

3. Try New Activities. Take new routes for your daily walk - your dog will love the new scents and scenery! Allowing your pet time to sniff and investigate is mentally beneficial as they gain knowledge of the world through their noses. If your dog regularly attends daycare with us, see if they would be appropriate for our Adventure Park for a change of pace!

4. Better Dental Health and Grooming. When’s the last time you had your dog’s teeth brushed? Did you know that dental disease can actually lead to problems with your dog’s organs, such as their heart? If you don’t like to, or have a hard time brushing your dogs teeth, schedule regular tooth brushing with Great Dog’s grooming department and say hello to cleaner breath! Grooming is important as well, regular brush outs help remove the dead hair, dirt and debris from your dog, as well as preventing matts. Make sure to brush out your dog regularly or schedule brush outs with us!

Kiwi popsicle

Happy New Years to you and your pets!

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