Focused, convenient....bundled

Both you and your dog will get tangible rewards from this highly personalized series of three 50 minute sessions that are scheduled at your request per your time frame. Set up your series to be completed for three days in a row, once a week, once a month or more. You select the time and arrange it with your instructor.


All instruction is at Great Dog, $225 for a bundle of three 50 minute sessions.

Self Control and Self Confidence Series


A Unique kind of Private Lessons: The Self Control Series for Dogs that are TOO enthusiastic about being a dog!


The Self Confidence Series for Dogs that are too worried or fearful to be enthusiastic about being a dog!



You and your instructor will build a learning program just for you and your dog complete with in- lesson learning activities and resource materials for take-home learning. You determine your focus on the specific skill or behavior you seek to learn or modify. Your instructor use cutting-edge humane methods that get results. What you learn is remembered when it is rewarded…

Super Puppy Series


for older pups that are working hard to be the best adolescent dog!


Super Puppy Series is for pups between 6 months and 11 months. Older puppies are ripe for more learning opportunities designed to promote impulse control, listening skills and basic manners. We teach all of these skills in a puppy centric fashion using games and activities! If your puppy has completed Puppy Express and/or Puppy Palooza and they are still in need of some additional manners polishing or social skills development before they participate in our Basic Obedience classes this is the series for you!  This can also provide a jump start for recently adopted puppies who are a bit older than the average puppy class participant, but who are too young for joining classes. Focus is always on dog-friendly and humane teaching techniques.                                                            

Enrichment Series


You and your dog are eager to learn new ways to enjoy each others company, especially in the rainy and dark season! Tailored to your desire to enrich your relationship between you and dog the Enrichment Series provides three unique learning activities, one is offered each week.

Activity #1 Mind Games: Explore the fun of games, puzzles and interactive toys. Let your dog go for the timed record for working a puzzle,  and let your dog try out the most popular cognitive toys.

Activity#2 Nose Games: Learn how to set up easy scent games for your dog. Every dog loves to use their most powerful sense: their sense of smell.  Big fun guaranteed!

Activity#3 Movement Games: Take a full 50 minutes to jump, tunnel, weave and teeter totter in a warm and dry environment. This is NOT a full size agility course, instead it is a sample of equipment that offers some fun exercise and cognitive outlets for you and your dog.

Sensational Senior Dogs


Our dogs are truly family and as they age we want to be sure to offer them the kind of support and well-designed training that they need and deserve. This three-part series helps you work with your senior-aged dog to address: modified manners request, compensating for sensory losses such as reduced hearing and vision. You will also learn how to provide enriching activities that entertain and motivate an elder dog to learn and stay active. Activities include nose work games, low impact movement and use of physical support. Your instructor has extensive experience with the social, physical, emotional aspects of our canine companions in their golden years. Dogs all age in different ways on varied time lines but all dogs over the age of 6 can have a great time in this innovative series.