Private, one-on-one instruction.

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NEW! Zoom Online Instruction...... $50/hr


In response to COVID limitations we now offer online instruction via Zoom. Join Judi Anderson-Wright, Co-owner of Great Dog and Director of Canine Education in her informative and easy to implement training designed for online learners. This option is perfect for at-risk participants who are uncomfortable with in-person training sessions during the pandemic.

  • Join Judi Anderson-Wright for a live instructional session designed to address your specific needs.

  • Introductory session is a 30-minute complimentary conversation scheduled between you and Judi. Complimentary sessions are scheduled on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Daytime and evening time slots are available. 

Zoom Three Pack - Pick your Plan.......................................................$150 for 3

Perfect solution during COVID. Many of your dog’s basic manners, behavioral challenges and even enrichment needs can be successfully taught via a well-designed online Zoom session. Join Judi in designing your specific plan and then attend three one-hour sessions scheduled for your convenience. All sessions are live on Zoom but are also recorded so you can review them at any time. To register, click Buy Now -- you will receive instructions for scheduling via email.

Private Instruction at Great Dog...... $95/hr


It’s a fact that some people and some dogs learn better with individualized attention. This is especially true for dogs that are fearful, aggressive, reactive, or perhaps very shy. If this describes your dog then a private lesson on-site will be just the right solution. You dog will be in a setting that is dog neutral for her without any negative associations. Demonstration, coaching, practice and reinforcement of skills in a calm and safe setting contribute to both you and your dog learning quickly and with quality results. Our instructors are passionate about dogs and teaching.  They will offer you the focus that you and your dog deserve. We help a wide variety of clients produce phenomenal results in a wide range of training:

  • Learn basic manners

  • Address challenging behaviors such as jumping up, excessive vocalization, destructive behaviors and inability to walk appropriately on leash.

  • Address behavioral issues such as fear, excessive shyness, reactivity, separation anxiety, house soiling, resource guarding and poor social skills.

  • Establish self-control in young and overly exuberant dogs



Series Privates, a unique kind of lesson.....$ 225 for 3

                                                                           (Offered only on site at Great Dog)


You and your instructor will build a learning program just for you and your dog complete with in- lesson learning activities and resource materials for take-home learning. You determine your focus on the specific skill or behavior you seek to learn or modify. Your instructor use cutting-edge humane methods that get results. What you learn is remembered when it is rewarded…both you and your dog will get tangible rewards from this highly personalized series of three 50 minute sessions that are scheduled at your request per your time frame. Set up your series to be completed for three days in a row, once a week, once a month or more. You select the time and arrange it with your instructor.     

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