Overnight Care and Boarding

Nighttime doesn't mean being lonely anymore....


Evening playtime, specialized attention, daytime romps... Great Dog is more than just a dog daycare. Great Dog offers an alternative to the traditional boarding kennel for your pet’s holidays away from home. Because of our unique daycare set up, the pups are actually freerange and the only “crate” they will see is during meal times. Your dog will spend his days in the daycare and his nights in the company of familiar canine friends and our overnight staff. Our environment is geared toward creating a calmer, more familiar small pack environment to make your dog’s overnight stay as comfortable and as stress-free as possible.


Given the pack environment, our overnight boarding is best suited for dogs who are already current daycare or boarding clients and come on a regular or semi-regular basis. However, there is limited availability for well-socialized and appropriate dogs to join our overnight pack; please review our application packet for information on requirements and evaluations.


**Please send completed application packets to gogreatdog@records.gingrapp.com or fax them to 206.202.2747. You may also bring them to our facility and hand off in person.**