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Great Dog believes enriching opportunities are available with every interaction with your dog.  This is why we are bringing our best trainers out to Magnuson Dog Park and other city events to help you acheive some serious relationship building.  We offer private and semi private lessons, by the minute, custom to your needs right there at the dog park!  We are available to answer questions about canine behavior, have a few essentials handy (like tennis balls and poop bags), are well versed in canine nutrition and are there to laugh with you about antics, tell fun stories and generally enjoy the canine community.

Park Manners in Real Park Play

Group classes and private lessons in a controlled environment can set the ground work for some successful behaviors but to practice them real time is the trick.  We now offer mini private lessons on self control to our canine clients actually at the dog park!  These focus sessions will help your dog acheive success at play and assist you in better reading your (and others) dog communication.  Set your hound up with all the advantages by booking a session today.


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