Canine Education and Obedience

COVID 19 Update: As of 8-12-20 we are currently offering several training options to our clients seeking the expertise of highly qualified and certified professional instructors. We have a dedicated training room that is cleaned and sanitized to current COVID standards. Masks and social distancing are required for clients and instructors, and temperature checks are done on site. We are dedicated to providing a safe learning environment. Also ZOOM online learning sessions are now available -- see the listing under Private Lessons.

Effective 8-12-2020 All dogs entering Great Dog for training MUST show proof of current vaccinations

It is especially important all puppies have completed two round of Parvovirus vaccinations. Other required vaccinations include Rabies (unless a puppy is less than 6 months of age) DAPP or DHPP and Bordetella. You should provide us with a copy of your puppy or dog’s vaccination record prior to your first lesson or class. Vaccinations can be faxed to 206-440-3345 or emailed to You may call your veterinarian and ask them to sent this information to us directly, which most vets are happy to do for their clients. Please add “ATTENTION CANINE EDUCATION” to your email or fax. This policy is for the safety of your canine companion and all our canine clients.

Great Dogs Canine much more than dog obedience lessons!

                                           great instructors & great curriculum = GREAT Results!


We teach you to craft a great relationship with your dog using humane and force-free training techniques. Proven effective teaching methods address YOUR learning style so we set both the canine and human up for optimal success . All of this with some of Seattle's most experienced certified instructors motivate you to get ready for a GREAT experience! And did we mention GREAT fun?

Private Lessons


Our private lessons are conducted in partnership with you and your canine family member. Every instructor teaching our one-on-one sessions is committed to building an effective and positive partnership between you and your dog.  The programs they design and deliver for you and your dog will be based on respected learning theory and teaching techniques learned in their extensive instructor preparation and certification programs. Working collaboratively with you and your dog in private sessions tailored to your needs, concerns and even dreams, the learning process is accelerated. At Great Dog our instructors use only dog-friendly and force free teaching methods that will motivate you and your dog. After an initial consultation you and your instructor will set priorities and goals and then we work together to get great results. We measure success by tracking the improvement that both you and your dog demonstrate on a lesson by lesson basis.

Group Classes


We utilize respected learning theory that addresses both human and canine learners! Our Canine Educators understand how both you and your dog learn. We understand that different dogs have varied motivation. We know that some class participants are new to the joy of learning with their dog, and others are seasoned dog enthusiasts who are seeking to add to their extensive knowledge base.  Classes and are designed to be fun AND cognitively stimulating for everyone. With small classes, we provide plenty of time for demonstration, practice and discussion. We vary our teaching activities to include games and problem-solving procedures. We focus on teaching humans and their canine family members how to effectively communicate with one another and the results are happy people and dogs who leave each class with new skills. Families may all attend class, but small children must be supervised to maximize safety and learning for all.