Grooming Services


"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about puppies." -Gene Hill


A clean dog is a happy owner.  At Great Dog, our bathing services include a brush out, hydro massage bath using gentle and natural products, anal expression, ear cleaning, and nail trimming.  Add a spa facial or a tooth brushing to your pooch's beauty day!  Spa facials are a great way to naturally manage the eye stains and brighten the face!  Prices vary depending on breed, coat condition and pup's behavior.   

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Full Grooming​

Grooming a long coated or just maintaining a clip is important for your dog's health and well being.  Matting can happen easily in the rainy Pacific Northwest and without regular grooming, canine skin can get irritated and infected.  Besides, nothing makes you and your pup feel better on your walk than a fresh new 'do. 


Our "full groom" prices include brushing, hydro massage bath using gentle and natural products, anal expression, ear cleaning, nail trimming,as well as a precision hair cut, pad trim, shaping up that sanitary area, a bow or bandana. Our groomers do not pluck the inner ear hair.



3.15.21 We are currently booked out 6-8 weeks. We are not accepting new dog clients that require a stylist (ie. clipping and scissoring).  Current clients, we are actively looking for a new way to streamline your appointment process, please email us at to get on our list for late spring appointments.Bathing, brushing, nail trim and deshedding appointments still are available and currently accepting all clients.  We will be increasing the number of appointment times available for these services.

Neaten Ups

The "Neaten Up" service is perfect for those in between grooms or for breeds that don't need an all over clip.


Neatens include brushing, hydro massage bath using natural products, anal expression, ear cleaning, nail trimming as well as a quick trim of the eyebrows, pads and sanitary area.  A full groom would include shaping the body area.  

deshed your dog!

Great Dog is excited to share our new DeShed program! Because Spring Clean is right around the corner!

The Deshed takes our standard bath and brush to the next level. Gentle and environmentally friendly shampoo and conditioners formulated to loosen hair, a serious double brush system using the furminator coupled with our force hair dryers, this program will get the fluff out and leave the shine in!

If scheduled on a recommended basis, you will see up to 90% less of your dog on your floors, in the corner, and on your pants!

Give us a call or email to set up your appointment now and jump-start getting your pooch's coat into the primo shape for spring!

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Ala Carte & Add Ons

Great Dog also provides those "as needed" services like:


Nail Trims (1person):          $16

Nail Trim (2 people):           $25

Dremel/Grind:                    $22

Spa Facial:                         $10

Toothbrushing:                   $12

Spa Facial + Toothbrushing $20

Anal Expression:                $20 (this service is included with any of bath or grooming appt)

Pad Shave:                        $10 

Ear Cleaning                      $10 (included with any bath or grooming appointment) 

Brush Outs are $1 per minute, 30 minute maximum

Deshed (35lbs & under)      bath price + $15 to $20

Deshed (35lbs & over)        bath price + $25 to $40


Appointments are necessary for Ala Carte Services.  Closed Sundays & major holidays.

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