Adventure Park

Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails."-Max Eastman


Great Dog's own private off leash park!! Each day, Monday thru Friday, Great Dog's secure & safe bus leaves the daycare at 9:15 with a group of very excited and special dogs.  They travel about 30 minutes to our own, very special 4 acres, fenced in park.  Once there, they get the chance to romp, play and truly be a dog.  There is a pond to play in, tall grass, short grass, trails and more.  The llamas next door are always an attraction as is the full set of agility equipment and grassy knolls to climb.  Each of the dogs get some basic recall skills worked on, enrichment activities of the country type, a guided tour through trails and treat breaks.  Fresh water is available at all times as we bring our own bottled water.


This park adventure is designed by Great Dog to offer a full exercise dream come true.  Unlike your typical off leash dog park service, each of the dogs that attend our park adventure are evaluated and full vaccinated.  They have fresh water available to them so avoid water related illnesses. The "bus" is completely safe & the dogs are secure in their own private crates during transport.  They also have access to their crates during the day at the park, should they want a nap.  The bus arrives back at Great Dog around 2:30pm & the dogs are cleaned up and allowed to nap until you pick them up.  They WILL be tired, content and dreaming of their next Adventure Park! 


The Adventure Park is an additional $8 per visit charge in addition to your daycare package.